Don't Do It! Suicide Prevention Speech | Suicide Awareness Speech

©Copyright Walter Walter

Someone once asked me, Walter what do you say to someone that want to give up on life? And I responded Stop, don't do it! That's what I would say to someone that wants to give up on life. And I would scream it out just like that. Just Don't Do it!

Once there was a woman that had a gun to her head. She was distraught, upset and completely not herself. The interesting thing is that only a day ago she was the opposite of those emotions. She was cheerful, happy and upbeat. So what just made her put a gun to her head only one day later? Well she got a call from her Doctor stating that she was terminally ill. Immediately she became sullen and uncertain. She pondered on that fatal forecast for hours before determining that she would make herself another statistic.

The statistic of taking your own life. It is possible to do so, take your own life, but remember for every 10 people that take their life there are 100,000 people that do not! These 100,000 people just don't do it. They have issues, worries, terminal problems like everybody else but they choose not to interfere with the natural process of life. They simply don't do it.

When you choose to end your life, it's not like making a mistake that you can correct, it is a final choice. You can't right any wrongs, the situation you are trying to escape will not go away in fact it will now be passed on to others that you love and that love you. Ending your life is an eternal decision that should NOT be an option for you. Just don't do it.

What is your situation? Are you addicted to something? Were you abused? Are you behind with your bills? The person you love doesn't want to be with you? Are your grades bad? Did a loved one pass away? Is life just too hard? Whatever your situation is, whatever it is just take it day by day because the situation will more than likely change. As long as you are alive then you will have an opportunity to let the situation change, as long as you are alive you can create outs for yourself, as long as you are alive you can grow. As long as you are alive you can help others avoid the situation that almost took you to a point of no return. Because make no mistakes about it. Suicide is a point of no return. Just don't do it!

That woman that I spoke about earlier, would have been glad to know that the doctor's office called her with someone else's results but now she will never know because she made a hasty decision. Had she waited, had she not done it, she would have known that the results given to her were not meant for her. Had she waited just another day the situation would have changed. So I say to you just don't do it. Wait another day, week, month, another year. Just don't do it.

I conclude by saying, live with your situation for now and create a better tomorrow day by day. Seek help and control your own destiny by not ever taking your own life. Just don't do it!